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121201 GirlPop

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121201 GirlPop

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横山由依 島崎遥香

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We caught her in the midnight of Sep 4 on a street at Azabu Juban, Tokyo. It was hard to believe that it was her who was standing on the stage such nobly and honorably as her cloths were shabby and she was staggering because she drank too much. (skip) She got on a taxi, her eyes, swelled with crying. “I got kicked!! Awful! I’m bleeding! Ache! It’s hurting!” (skip)

Let’s go back to several hours ago. She was at the press conference after the event commemorating the release of her photobook Acchan, in Shinjuku, Tokyo. 

Though she is usually not good at talking, that day, she was very smooth. When asked about Romance, she said “Now It’s okay to have a romance, right? Yes, I want to have a romance.”

Though it was in a small voice, she made it clear that now Love-Ban-Law has been lifted. (skip)

At The VIP Room commonly called HOTEL

After HS event at the event, she went to Roppongi to attend Job-Well-Done party.

“(Skip) Attendee included Akimoto Yasushi-san and employees at Kodansha. It was said that she didn’t drink at this party.”

On 23:30, the party ended and we thought Maeda will go back home. But the car (owned by Ota production) that carries her went to High-Class Karaoke Cafe “M” in Azabu Juban. After she entered the Karaoke cafe, the car, which usually wait til she is back, left the store.

“”M” is a Karaoke store which is popular among politicians and Sho-Biz people, celebrities. (skip) There’re rooms called “VIP Rooom” on the 2nd floor of the store and commonly called HOTEL.”

These rooms have interior kinda like a suite of gorgeous hotels. They also have toilets. There’re rooms that even have a sofa as huge as like a bed, and a glass-walled bat.

The room Maeda entered was one of those VIP rooms which have a platform (stage).

One store staff told the situation of the day us under condition of anonymity.

“That was very tough day. Though I should keep this secret, members who were with Maeda-san wereOshima Yuko-san and her friend. Their dates are actor Sato Takeru-san and 2 foreigners. There were total 6 people in the room.”


“After Maeda’s graduation announcement, they have become much closer to each other, and Maeda has been almost always playing with Yuko lately. It’s well known that Oshima drinks a lot and they once competed in alcohol drinking battle and Oshima beat Maeda. ”

The other woman who were with Maeda and Oshima was Nakagawa Haruka. (skip)

“Ever since it’s announced that Nakagawa will transfer to Jakarta, Nakagawa has been sticking to Maeda and joined a lot of drinking parties. She has been virtually hanging out at Maeda’s room all the time.”

One of the 2 foreigners is Sato’s friend, singer songwriter JAMIL (27).

“His father is Pakistani-American. He is one of Sato’s best friends He self claims he is a huge fan of AKB48, and Takahashi Minami made an appearance in his PV.”

We don’t yet know the detailed information about the other foreigner, but he was handsome, looked like a male model.

“They drank a lot of tequila. 30 glasses for 6 people. Because it was a private room, we have no way to know what kind of conversation they made. But it looked like they were really having fun.” the store staff said.

When our writer walked past the door of the room,  loud noises of male and female shouting  and AKB’s hit number “Ogoe Diamond” were heard through the door. This secret party lasted until 3:00am.

The sudden turn of the event happened at the end the party. At 3:10am, Maeda popped out from the room as she was crying hard, staggered downstairs.

The guest who encountered them told “She looked really sulky. “Enough!!” “I’ll go back home alone!!” She was shouting. Oshima-san and the other girl soon approached her, saying “Are you alright?” trying to soothe her down. But Maeda-san ignored them and picked up a taxi in front of the store.” The first photo was taken at this moment.

Oshima and Nakagawa looked exhausted as they were  looking off the taxi carrying Maeda.

They dropped their shoulders, “Phew…” and staring at cakes in the glass showcase as they were muttering “Aw man….”

The Kokon was over. When our writer was about to leave, wow! That taxi Maeda got on somehow returned to the store and pulled up there! Maeda told the taxi to wait her and entered the store again.

“Maeda-san stopped crying and looked alright. She wasn’t staggering anymore and walked upstairs briskly. (skip)”

After that, JAMIL and the other foreigner walked emergency stairs and went off to Azabu Juban.

Sato and Maeda were left alone. They appeared at a stair landing of the emergency stairs.

Their body closely attached to each other, talking something. Then Maeda started sobbing convulsively… She started crying out loud, as she was staring at Sato’s face. After a while, Sato carried Maeda in his arms and got into the taxi together.

Recently Asahi Geinou reported that he kissed actress Ishihara Satomi for many times at the job-well-done party of “Romeo to Juliet” (2012.08.02 issue) There was also a rumor that he was eager to get Takei Saki, his co-star of the movei “Rurouni Kenshin”.

“”Actually, in the TV program that has AKB in it, Sato Takeru and Takei Saki’s alleged relationship came up in the special talking session!!! Looking back from now, I wonder how Acchan felt when she was listening to this talk….. I feel… sorry for her.” a man who’re related AKB talked.

Maeda and Sato first met in the Drama “Q10″ (NTV) 2 years ago. As you expect, Sato approached Maeda back then.

“Maeda-San had been worrying about Sato’s approach for a long time. It loos like she’d consulted members who are close to her.”
At that time, Marda lost to Oshima in the elevation and got 2nd place.
It was her dark period.

“The same year’s Janken tournament, one member took a sneak peek at her cell phone, and found she was sending a message full of heart marks to Sato. The story has seen spread among members.”

It’s unclear how their relationship developed, but her remark “I like smart guys” and her remark at the interview session for the Drama “Q10″ 2 years ago, “He knows a lot and always teach me various kind of things” “Sato-san is really smart” (Junon 2011 Jan issue) totally corresponds each other.

Let’s go back to Azabu Juban. Inside the taxi that the two got on. Maeda was apologizing to Sato all the time saying, “Gomen… I’m the worst girl….”, and shedding tears again.

Sato was listening to her but at the same time, very cautious about our camera crew that were following them from the behind.

On 4:35am, the taxi pulled up at an apartment building where Maeda is living. Maybe because they were careful not to be seen together by people, it took a while til they got off from the taxi. 10 minutes later, Sato walked to the apartment, carrying Maeda in his arms. Sato’s skinny arms couldn’t sustain  her body, and Maeda’s skirt rode up, revealing her butts.

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Ok… It really seemed like they were hugging like two lovers, LOL.
Mostly, Minami seemed like Acchan’s boyfriend…  
Just lolling around… LOLOLOL. XD
Awwww, my little smuuuuurf∽∽♥♥♥!!! She can’t hold herself♥♥♥! *O* LOL∽∽. XD

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